Lyrics…Style…Focus…Taking Hip Hop to New Heightz: Benny Heightz has exploded out of New York City, gaining international attention with his first major single, “Match My Cash” featuring Rick Ross. Brought up in several boroughs of NY, Benny’s drive and talent quickly opened doors to new opportunities with NY producer and mentor KB. Benny Heightz has developed his skills with guidance from producers and local artists nationwide, from Atlanta (The Mechaniks) to LA.

While signed to independent label Fyngamade, Benny worked with the talented producer Yung Fyngas, who has produced for such artists as UGK, Bun B, Stack Bundles, Lil Flip and DJ Double R. Though his early years could be classified as chaotic, Benny never allowed his upbringing to define him. Early on, his focus and intense determination to offer a positive message through his music set Benny apart from his competition.

His passion for music, his tireless work ethic, and his hard-hitting lyrical style are continually propelling him to new Heightz. From the creation of Heightz Promotions, to unify black communities to his clothing line, which is  a reflection of his infatuation with African American studies, Benny Heightz is proof that music isn’t just about where you are from, it’s about where you are going!

Biography By Alicia Harding ( Lion’s Krown Publishing )

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Benny Heightz

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